Staying within the budget is Worth It

I’m back in Chicago! I’m visiting for a client project but everytime I do visit, I try my best to stay in the neighborhood that I’m sleeping in. It helps me get to really know a place before I venture out. This weekend I had the opportunity to move at my own pace and take public transit got from one neighborhood to the next without drama. Although it is still out of my comfort zone because this is not my hometown, and Omaha is NOTHING like Chicago, I still love it here.

I’ve been to Chicago about a dozen times to for work, play and family vacations. I’ve visited these parts of town: Downtown, Navy Pier, Chinatown, South suburbs, Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, and now this time, Humbolt Park. Each time I’ve visited before it was with my own money or I was with family. The fun part about this trip was that my client (Threewalls) paid for it all. I got to stay in this boutique hotel called The Robey for two nights. One of the board members was gracious enough to pay for my flight too! I was here for a team planning retreat for day one. Meals provided for the entire day ending with dinner at the Tanta on Grant ave. Life was good enough for 24 hours.

Total Cost on Day One: $20.68 Lyft from the airport to The Robey Hotel.

On day two I began my venture on public transit. I and decided to go visit my aunty. This meant going to the south suburbs near Calumet City. A 30-40 min. drive or a 1.5 hour ride on the Metro mixed with Uber/Lyft. But, I had to take the Metro because the crowds for St. Patricks day were everywhere, hogging up all of the rides, which made the price jump to $78 one way for a shared ride! Nope, can’t do it. So I woke up early enough and walked from the hotel to the nearest stop with my luggage. People wearing green shamrock hats everywhere and already drunk. I’m not hype enough for that life, so it’s time to dip!

Now I’m not too good for public transit. I am just a nervous nelly with having to be around so many people. On day one, I was able to avoid the crowdedness by hopping on a Lyft everywhere I went. So I talked to the hotel concierge about the best route to go visit my aunt. I listened to him and took my frugal behind to the Blue Line like he told me to; Then the Red Line headed south for 95th Street. This Saturday morning ride was a bit of a ways, but an hour and half later I made it to the McDonalds on 95th and took a Lyft the rest of the way.


Total cost on day two: $26 bucks with a pitstop at Starbucks. Worth it. I’ll do anything to avoid a crowded parade and stay within my budget to explore.


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