Progress Check

Yes I know I’m long overdue for a blog post to let you know how I’m doing these days. I’m still on the grind. So please cut a sista some slack. I sometimes suck at this self-marketing thing (ironic huh?).

Before the next half of the year passes by, I have to first begin with a notion of gratitude for all of the new experiences and learning opportunities I’ve had. I got to add a new non-profit to my portfolio (Mode Shift Omaha) as their membership coordinator; Plus a few marketing and copywriting clients (check out Threewalls if you love intentional contemporary art). Meanwhile still trying to maintain this life as a real-life published writer.

Side note: I am an honest writer yet – willing to admit that I struggle frequently with that thing called “Resistance” that Steven Pressfield so accurately described in his book The War of Art.


Regardless of the stress that comes with fear and personal setbacks, the spirit of reward still found its way into my life. I recently returned from my first travel writing gig in Jamaica. Say whaaaaa?! Yea, that happened.

Brag moment: here’s the article that I wrote all about it.

With all of the newfound duties and travel plans, I knew I had to scale back. It almost sounds impossible but I was actually working for free on two boards, plus working two part-time jobs on top of my retainer clients/freelance. Then I had the nerve to be out here going to concerts, film screenings, exhibitions, all the cultural fun you could dream of.

The only thing missing from my precious list of “things to do” was a wardrobe haul at JcPenney (have you seen the new line by Traci Ellis yet??? It’s magical). Oh and also, the gym. I sometimes conveniently push that aside but my body is in need of a makeover too.

How can a lady keep it all together?

A few choice options come to mind, when nothing else makes sense:

  • Take a Nap. A stress nap, cat nap, “let me think about it” nap – whatever you call it. If the eyes begin to shut out of pure exhaustion, just do it.
  • Eat something good for the soul – If this is ice cream for you, then do it. For me, its cookies and lemon bundt cake. Don’t allow yourself to feel guilty about it.
  • Binge watch (Recommendation: “Insecure” or “Game of Thrones”).

Notice I chose a few things that often fall in the category of procrastination. I mention these on purpose. Why? If you do them and get it out of the way, you have no more excuses left. If you get them out of the way, you can look at that list and feel pitiful about it and then finally, you feel so pitiful that you actually get the shit done. Who knew? If it works for you like it did for me, lemme know.

Now on to the healthy choices. After I admitted and confronted my lazy desires, I had a choice to make: Be lame, or Be Great. Choosing the latter always gives me a new boost of courage. I look at that list and I walk away feeling like the Beyonce Boss that I am. I can only hope that you too are encouraged to find your greatness this week. Take a deeper look at what is important to you and make room for it without apology. Make it worth your time to live a rewarding life of productivity.

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