What it means to Win

Not every one is going to agree with me when I say this but who cares. I’m walking into the new year believing that putting yourself first is the only way to reach any of your magnificent goals for 2018.

Why am I so confident in this reason? The answer is simple. You can’t maximize any form of greatness or develop any level of strength and stamina by giving all of your energy to everyone else. Let me guess, all of your goals are bigger than you, seem overwhelming and will probably take a few months to accomplish right? If that’s the case for you and your current motto in life is to give, give, give, guess what? You have zero chance of accomplishing any of those goals.

This year I have no shame in sharing with you how I’m learning to BE GREAT without draining my source of life and energy to acheive things. I have a newsletter for you and me to get our -ish together. It’s all about Self-care, Productivity and Preservation. Would you dare to be great with me?

Join the newsletter

Here’s how to get it Poppin in 2018, with a new BFF checking in with you twice a month.  

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