Life As A Creative: Grinding at a steady pace

It ain’t easy…but seeking happiness is a full-time job.

It’s been a dynamic first quarter for me. I’ve been working hard on my freelance projects, volunteering even more, hosting workshops, and most importantly, getting clearer on my vision. What I’ve learned in the process is that while I’m skilled at quite a few things, I actually know nothing (or not enough) about how to maximize an authentic and creative lifestyle. The truth is, I’m making it up as I go.

In fact, the only thing I know for sure, that I can guarantee, is to be a woman of my word. I can only confirm my integrity. My father taught me that. With integrity serving as my guiding light, I’ve allowed my time to be occupied by a few worthy causes that are most aligned with my identity and mission to remain authentic.

Creative Entrepreneurship & Expression

  • Creative Mornings – Blog writing
  • Flatlanders Blog – More blog writing
  • Content creation for freelance clients (Five clients so far this year!)

Malcolm X Foundation – hosting community events and board volunteering

New Leaders Council – Fellowship Institute (2017 Fellow)

Self-care newsletter (to your inbox on 1st and 3rd Thursdays)

Speaking engagements

  • Self-care workshop for a co-ed audience 
  • Social Media Campaigns (Youth audience)
  • Career Day for TRIO program & Thompson Learning Center – UNO

While doing some of these activities, there seem to be some underlying themes that I can’t ignore. They all revolve around creative expression, cultural advocacy and education. I love all of these things and feel like none of it is a waste of time. But I also realized that as busy as I am, the less time I have spent getting closer to the experiences on my bucket list.

I NEED those experiences to happen, yall.

So the question is not so much as how, but when. And I am in constant evaluation of my progress. This first quarter has been all about building momentum. By summer, I will be in full stride, grinding at a steady pace.

More to come…


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