Planting Seeds, Exploring Purpose: A 2016 Year in Review

Last year, my annual recap exposed some of the habits I learned to develop in order to improve my chances of success for my life and career. I revealed what I believe it takes in order to reach and maintain personal success and found that goal setting was the first step toward a more desirable lifestyle. What I learned after writing that post, was that after I made a decision to commit to my goals, I had to follow through with them. So I finally have to provide proof here, that I did in fact honor my personal goals and move even closer to the level of success that I hoped to reach by this time.

Even though I did not publish my entire journaling session about my goals for the past year, I did share publicly my Creative Bucket List. Doing this was the most inspiring thing I have done in a long time, because it revealed to me what I was actually working towards. It showed me that the most important experiences for me revolve around travel, the arts and the celebration of my cultural heritage. Knowing this, it was easy for me to align my vision and ambitiously pursue that which is relevant to my personal goals. What’s even more exciting about this? Now I realize how hard it is going to be for someone else to try and distract me. It’s basically impossible.

Now on to the good stuff. After realigning my goals, removing the clutter and improving my environment, I was able to refocus a lot of my time and energy on developing some new habits. I primarily focused on being consistent and disciplined with my time. By prioritizing my projects and time better, I was able to make room for the experiences I really wanted to have. In applying this to one of my goals of simply traveling and learning more about the arts, I was able to visit 32 arts venues, districts and/or occasions across 8 cities. That doesn’t even count the arts venue that I actually worked at for the past 3 years. It was miraculous.

Here’s a few photos of my experiences:


Had you asked me at the beginning of last year how I could have pulled that off, I would probably just look at you crazy. I didn’t know how to make it happen. I just trusted the Universe to reveal those opportunities to me and I took them. And I feel like a greater woman for it.

Fast forward 12 months to this current reflection. What those experiences did for me was not only gratify my purpose, but also fortify my future plans. It provided an honest revelation about the potential of my career as an arts and cultural advocate. It empowered me to dig deeper on the why, and not be so consumed with the how. If it’s in your heart, trust your mission and pursue it. What I want to tell others who may be reading this is to stay FOCUSED on the goals at hand and don’t back down from them. Especially if you claim that you want something bad enough, you might as well give it your entire best shot. Otherwise you will look back and feel like a fool for not even trying. Personally, I can’t stand that feeling.

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