Passion Plug: Writing Projects

I’ve been harping on social media lately about making time for your passions and such. It’s becoming a habit now to not only encourage others to dedicate time weekly to their creative pursuits, but also to take my own advice and do the same. So I’ve honored my childhood passion of writing while doing so. I take out just half an hour at a time to just write. It’s so refreshing to give back to myself in this way and it has proven to be rewarding as well. In the last 2-3 weeks, I’ve gotten published on 3 platforms and still cranking out more. I thought it made sense to bring it full circle and share the spotlights with you here. Take a look!

Hope for Women Magazine

Summer 2016 Issue | Pg. 8

Read more at:

Creative Spaces | 7 Spaces in Omaha – Sept. 2016

A Snapshot of Omaha’s Hidden Gems in Arts and Culture – October 2016

Until next time, stay inspired folks!

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