Personal Interview with JoAnna LeFlore | Feb. 2015

“Follow your passions, Live with Purpose”

Not only am I on the hunt for creative entrepreneurs to share their awesome journeys online, I was also on the radar for an interview by this startling surprise platform that celebrates other inspiring moguls in the creative field via Identity By Design Magazine.

CC: Jeffrey Collins
CC: Jeffrey Collins

After a few weeks of debating the timing of the universe and my shy inclination to do video interviews, I finally gave in. The team behind this magazine is doing something worthy and they deserve to be recognized for their efforts in showcasing all of the talent of those raised in Nebraska. I’m just one of many whom they planned to interview and I am actually proud of my self for going through with it. I deserve to share my journey with the world too, right?Here’s a toast to risk taking and ignoring fear!

Candid conversation with Identity By Design mag!
Candid conversation with Identity By Design mag!

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