LeFlore Creative’s Artist Interview: Edem Soul Music – Acoustic Soul Artist

Occasionally, I accept a creative challenge to learn new skills and promote what I love through my work. I was given the pleasure of doing this with a few artists through a collaborative project with FLIYE Arts in Omaha, Nebraska. We committed to interview a local artist and share her story with the world through video.

Edem Soul Music is an acoustic soul artist who managed to inspire me to understand one humble idea: Fulfilling your purpose is about having the courage to use your gifts in order to make contributions toward the growth of humanity.

More Words of Wisdom from Edem Soul Music

Video Interview w/ Edem | Jan. 2015

African Mediterranean Indie Vocalist who specializes in acoustic soul performance. You can follow Edem’s vibrant life online or Instagram at @edemsoulmusic.

Jasmine Carter (Make Up Artist) – follow her creative entrepreneurial journey on Instagram at @Jazmak3up.

Gerard Pefung (Sponsoring visual artist)

He soon plans to travel the world so in case you want to follow his highlights, also visit Gerard on Facebook or Instagram at @gerardpefung.

FLIYE Arts Organization (Sponsoring Producers)

The Fliye Arts Organization is a collaboration of talented individuals, and groups who put forth time, effort, and energy together–to construct events, programs, experiments, and products beneficial to the surrounding communities.

SPECIAL THANKS to a few more individuals who helped make this production possible: Miguel Cedillo – Make Believe New Media, Jaylan Robinson – Videographer, & Denise Chapman – Stage Coach.

On the set!
On the set!

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