Plight of Discovery

Listening to Ta-Ku remix about a new heaven made for hip hop heads and culture freaks – I remember what it felt like to see Brown Sugar, to read XXL and Source Magazine for the first time. I remember imagining that I would one day write for my own culture-lovin magazine. I constantly dream of this day! I daydream, sleepwalk, fear and love it all at the same time. If someone didn’t know by my funeral how much I loved music and to write, they would have never known me at all. I’m seeking a life daily that would make someone want to read this memoir. I constantly seek happiness and want to understand how I can experience a rewarding life. Mentally I travel to other places and imagine myself writing about what I see. The collection of eclectic people; the pulse of a neighborhood; the nature of the sometimes unforgiving society we often call home.

Can a girl dream a little? 

Scene: Ta-ku & Friends Music Fest is blasting rock & bass two blocks down the street from my cozy duplex calling me to satisfy my curiosity. I’m suddenly inspired to take a walk. Feeling anxious like I might miss the hottest concert of the year I slide from the kitchen to the walk-in closet into my favorite jeans – high waisted dark demin leggings with a flirty top and handmade accessories of course. Throw on my classic addidas, custom leather jacket and im out the door, saddled journal & ipad in hand. No one is going to tell me that I won’t meet some producer or group of artists willing to share with me how they were a part of making the magic of this music fest happen. And just to think that this magic is happening half a mile away from my house!

It’s only a matter of time before I already figure out the best angle and which editors I will submit to. It’s only a matter of time before I post on a near by picnic bench. Not too close to the wavering crowd and not too far from the action on stage. I want to be able to see the expressions on the faces of those performers. They are always so willing to give of themselves all the sweat & tears, the heart they put into this song. Despite the sweltering noise of the audience – madly in love of course, I can still hear the passion seeping from the speakers and not one beat is skipped. But at times my heart does. What excites me is the discovery and the rush of emotions that come with it. The process of interpreting my own reactions to the stage while observing the reactions of others. I can imagine their hearts skip a beat too. Like the first time I heard Lauryn Hill say “the sweetest thing” I truly believed it was the purest verse I’ve ever heard.

If only somebody could see what I see, to dream what I dream. Making this a reality is only a dedicated step away from my front porch. 

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  1. Keep pressing on with this blog. I like it. I peeped out the one “So what is a hustler” and I’ve had a very similar thought process. It appears that you have big dreams and your sharing them with the world.

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