Cherish the Day: North Omaha

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If you grew up in North Omaha, you may have some childhood memories rooted in some unforgettable summer days with family and friends. From my experience, North Omaha has become an inviting place to enjoy good times and occasionally discover something new about the place you call home. As an adult, I have learned to appreciate the small things and explore my hometown’s delights. Despite what the news may report about North Omaha, there exists some hidden treasures that any Omaha native can learn (or re-learn) to enjoy.

Saturday Treats

If you and your family are not already busy this summer, you might look for a few ways to get the out of the house and still enjoy your day off. I recommend taking everybody to a public park like Benson or Fontenelle. Or you may try the neighborhood pool to cool off. Both are great ways to relax while your kids absorb the sun and you can catch up on that book you’ve been putting off!

When your family has had enough vitamin D (and everyone is clean enough to impress your grandmother), take them out to eat some BBQ or fish. I’ve tried a few places leaving too full to drive.

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Already tried those things? Then maybe it is time to try something new, in which case I also found a few events explore. I am almost positive that you may not have tried everything on this list!

You see, there is in fact a few things to do in North Omaha that are family friendly and safe. Even still, I’m sure there is more to discover that I have not listed here. I do not yet have a family but I can bet that when I do I will be creative about keeping everybody engaged in the community and having fun! I believe that you and your family can do the same. The trick is to have positive expectations and be grateful for happy memories with the people you love.

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