Fantasy Hair Show Salon Battle – Review

If you missed the first annual Fantasy Hair Show Salon Battle sponsored by RAV Entertainment, LLC & the Omaha Health Expo this April, you can catch a glimpse now through my critical audience member lens. I attended as a blogger unbeknownst to everyone in the show besides the event coordinators. This was my first hair show and by all means recommend that if you’ve never attended one to do so. Just be sure you are getting your money’s worth but seting no expectations before you go. Attending this hair fiasco was slightly amateur but the passion and genuine spirit of all of the event attendees made it worthwhile. Three salons presented just under 20 looks in this intimate conference space at the Omaha Century Link Center. Cameras were on standby while the DJ played a mixture of neosoul and hip hop jams and the audience waited patiently for the show to begin.

Entertainment opened up the show with co-hosts Geneice Wilcher, Miss Nebraska USA 2007 and aspiring comedian Theodrick Nelson. The two welcomed the guests with humor and grace despite the obvious technical difficulties of the sound system. Geneice then introduced three judges for the hair design competition which would reward the final winner a cash prize of $500. It was never announced but I assume the judges were there to critique on creativity, style and technique of the hair show participants and stylists. Following the welcome, Theodrick presented a short stand up lightening up the impatient audience with his clever interaction and playful jokes about his family, interracial relationships and pretending to be a diva male celebrity.


Now on to the contents of the hair show – As the theme was “Candyland” I had one expectation set (despite my previous rule of setting no expectations) and that was to be amazed by the cleverness and creativity of some incredible and meticulous hair styling. Fortunately I was not disappointed in that the first salon set the tone for the rest of the affair.

Third place winners of Eden Salon showcased a pair of female models whose looks resembled a mixture of fashion couture and avant Garde hairstyling. The looks might remind you of Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga for its eccentric blonde cone-like structures on one model and an afro-braid mashup on the other.


The show quickly moved on to the second place salon from New Beauty for You highlighting more of the Candyland theme with 5 models. The styles were less intricate as the first but a lot more colorful and fun with two female models wearing candy red and aqua blue wigs. Next were three male models who were more of actors than models with the first wearing a costume of an old lady with a pink bob wig, a candy cane themed outfit and the matching baseball cap covered in red peppermint candies and a rainbow-dyed long hair wig for the third. I had a hard time figuring out whether they were trying to emulate humor or seriously display their talent but they gave it their all nonetheless.


Finally, the first place winners from The Style for You Hair & Nail Salon, were well deserved as they provided 11 looks essential to the theme of the show. It began with 6 young female models with matching hairstyles – high-placed bun and colorful hair balls. They were dressed in dainty white tutus similar to the fairly-like wardrobe of Tinkerbell. As they pranced down the runway, four adult female models proceeded with black and blue tutus, stilettos and outrageously exotic hairstyling. I can only do justice by just showing you the photos to let you gather your own opinion. But it’s safe to say that these styles were well deserving of first place. See what you missed!



(All photos were taken by me or courtesy of the fashion show coordinators.)

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