PR 101: The Editorial Calendar

I enjoy your humorous approach to this topic. Great read!

Jess AsPRing

Hey fellow PR newbies! On Today’s addition of #PR101 I am going to talk about the almighty editorial calendar. Why? Well, let me tell you a little story (gather ’round children as I put on my Mother Goose hat): A few days ago, I was at an intern “meet-up” kind of deal (you know, networking and general schmoozing) and there were several other PR interns there and I mentioned trying to get some information on an editorial calendar for a magazine and 80% of them did this:

Yea, I was pretty upset about it too, Taylor Swift. So editorial calendars, it is. In the wise words of Slick the Rick heeeeere we go:

Everything you ever did not care needed to know about Editorial Calendars:

  • An editorial calendar is a…well, a calendar (DUH) that editors, journalists, bloggers, etc. use to organize and the major themes or features planned for upcoming…

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